A History of the Rice Lake Indians by Mary Jane Muskratte Simpson


From Alfred Simpson:

As web designer for this site, and grandson of Mary Jane Muskratte Simpson.
I wish to thank.

Pam Crowe who sent me the manuscript on 1997-03-31.

Marlene and Fred Ash who gave me the long lost 'missing pages',
see 'Treaty #77' 'The benefit of the Indian Tribes'
'Memoirs of Reginald Drayton' and 'Custom of Holding Watch-Night' on 2012-06-06.

Dorothy Dickson who typed the manuscript on 2000-09-14.

For the photograph of Peter Jones,
I would like to thank the: Peter Jones Collection. Victoria University Library.

For the photograph of John Sunday,
I would like to thank the: Wesleyan-Methodist magazine March 1839.

Tara Prindle (http://www.nativetech.org) for invaluable advice.

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